Finally A Comprehensive Guide!

Includes Detailed...

  • Definitions of all words

  • Explanation of more complex words

  • Explanation of how to use (and not use!) words and phrases

  • Commonly Confused Words

  • Pronouns, Gender, and much more!

do you want to be a better ally?

The Language of LGBTQIA+ will help you learn and understand the words and phrases that you don't understand but are afraid to ask how to use properly!


Unless you are Gen Z, you are likely lagging in your understanding of the language of LGBTQIA+. You are not alone - stop beating yourself up for what you feel you "should" know! The fact that you are on this page means you are curious and I applaud that. Whether you have an LGBTQIA+ child, friend, relative, colleague, or just want to expand your vocabulary and knowledge, this comprehensive guide is written just for you!


What does the future look like? In short, quite lonely and unevolved. You may be thinking - that's dramatic - but hear (or read!) me out. Language is ever-evolving. Now is the perfect time to learn the what, how and why of the language of LGBTQIA+ because it is going to continue to move forward. Your choices are to stay stuck in time or take an opportunity for personal growth. You will make mistakes - we all do - but it is far better to make mistakes while trying and learning than to stay silent. We all have an LGBTQIA+ person in our life - imagine how moved they will be by your effort!

After close to a year of research, observing behavior, and talking to MANY LGBTQIA+ people, I created the solution to this...

I could not be more proud of and delighted with the finished product - and I think you will be too...

Our story... least the language part of it...

If you're here you likely know at least a portion of our story. Well, now my kids range in age from 15-22 (aren't they darling?!)

While all six of us started this journey almost 6 years ago with very little knowledge and understanding, over time our learning has excelerated at different rates and moved in different directions. This, of course, makes perfect sense given our ages and other influential factors.

I found that more and more people were reaching out with questions around definitions and usage. That's when I realized this book was a necessity!

My kids have been an incredible help as I've bounced ideas, definitions, and word usage off of them. I'm also grateful to all of the wonderful people in their 20's and 30's at varying organizations who allowed me to ask a million questions so that I could have a complete understanding of what I am now offering to you!


What Others Say

Working in schools it is important to be completely up to date with inclusive language. Heather's "The Language of LGBTQIA+" is everything you need in one workshop! I have it easily accessible as I navigate working with teenagers.

Eden Olson, Ph.D.

Parent and Educator

WOW!  What a good read!  I enjoyed your opening remarks—I am always wanting to ask questions but afraid to insult someone.  Sincere Curiosity is a "real thing”.

This book was so informative and answered so many questions for me.  I was able to learn lots of valuable information.  Answered so many questions and explained so many terms that I have questioned and now I feel i have much more knowledge.  What a wonderful resource.

Jennifer McAuliffe


This ebook is an essential tool to navigating discourse in LGBT spaces. I highly recommend this to anyone who feels unsure about how to properly use queer terminology. Readers can expect to gain a clear understanding of nuanced language, including do's and don'ts.

Connor Hester


A little info about...

Heather Hester

I am the founder of Chrysalis Mama and the creator of the podcast, Just Breathe: Parenting Your LGBTQ Teen. I am also a "coming out" coach for parents of LGBTQIA+ adolescents, teens, and young adults as well as a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion speaker, partnering with corporations to support and educate their employees on all topics surrounding loving and raising an LGBTQIA+ child.

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